My Bucket List Revelation: Life is Short

Life is short.

And fragile.

And precious.

Most of us come to this realization after losing someone we love or when faced with a life threatening illness.  The first time I truly understood this was when my husband died after a lengthy illness, leaving me a widow at the age of 35.

Jim’s death brought me two revelations:

(1) Love is what life is all about.

(2) Life is short, fragile, and precious.

In the months following his passing, I remember making a “bucket list” of sorts (things I wanted to do before I kicked the bucket) and eventually managed to accomplish a couple things on that list (traveling to Costa Rica, zip lining, riding a roller coaster).  But after a while, the shock wore off and I slipped back in to the routine, mundane, day-to-day living of life – paying the bills, cleaning the bathroom, saving for the future.  You know – all the “supposed to” things that responsible people think they should do.

Years passed.  Life went on.  I remarried.  We live a good life doing all those responsible “supposed to” things.

Then one day, a Facebook friend wrote the following post about how her life had changed since her husband suffered a serious stroke and what she wished she’d done differently:

“4 years ago today Jack had his stroke. It changed our life forever and not for the good. My advice to all of you – do not wait to do what makes you happy, if you do you may never do it. Save what you need to, but do not dwell on it. If you have “to much” the government will take what you have to provide any amount of help you may need. Enjoy the money you earned otherwise you may never enjoy it. Go where you would like to go and do what you dream of doing. Wish I had been given that advice. I was always taught to work work work and save. I am not saying to not work but have fun also.”

Her pain and disappointment was heart breaking.

It was also eye opening, frightening, and inspiring.

It re-opened my eyes to the fact that life is so fleeting and fragile.  In the blink of an eye, it can all be over.  The future is not promised to us.

It frightened me to realize that my life was passing by so quickly – in all likelihood, my life was at least half over – and there were still so many dreams and aspirations that I’d failed to make real.

It inspired me to make a change.  To examine my life, create a script for the life I really wanted, and cast myself in the leading role.  It also inspired me to inspire others by creating this website where we can share our stories, support each other’s dreams, and celebrate our victories.

I hope this website will inspire you to make the most of every day so that when the end does finally come, you can pass on to the next world peaceful and content.  No regrets.

Soooo …. What’s on your Bucket List?



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